“Have you ever needed to scan a document and did not have a copier handy but you did have your smartphone or tablet? The people at Life Hacker have an article you need to read on how to do this. They provide a solution for both Android and Apple devices.

“If you’re like us, then you know “scanning” documents and photos with your phone or tablet is a mixed bag. Thankfully, there are ways to scan documents that gives reliably good results, and best of all, they’re really easy.

“More and more people are using the camera on their phone or tablet to scan documents versus dedicated scanner hardware. Don’t get us wrong, this works in a pinch, but it can be difficult to achieve the desired end. You may have to straighten and crop, or perhaps even change the contrast and brightness, to get them just right.

“Maybe that’s okay if you’re just including a few receipts from a recent business trip, but if you want to send someone a nice clean scan of your favorite recipe or have a clear copy of someone’s business card, then it can be a challenge. There has to be a better way and luckily, if you use Android or iOS, there is.”

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