The Ancestor Hunt website has provided a handy way to locate your ancestor’s death information. The list apparently started with 14 items (see the URL) but it now contains 15.In addition to the 15, I urge you to alse read the excellent comments at the end of the article.

When researching our ancestors, one of the most important events is obviously their death. Determining dates and location of death is important as we document the major events in their lives. Most folks limit their search to the obvious repositories, whether online or not. That would include online or offline death indexes (such as the SSDI and State Death Indexes), death certificates, obituaries, and burial/cemetery records.

But there are many more ways to determine specifics about someone’s death, as well as finding clues that help you narrow their death date to a decade, a year, or even less. Most of these cannot stand alone as evidence of the actual date and location of an ancestor’s’ death – so you might want to check many of these sources to provide corroborating

15 different ways to find clues and evidence about your ancestors’ death on The Ancestor Hunt