Our Mission

The Central Florida Genealogical Society’s mission is to promote family history research by providing educational and research opportunities to its members and the public. The Society collects, preserves, and publishes genealogical and historical records. The purpose of the Society shall be exclusively charitable and educational within the meaning of Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code including:

A: To encourage and promote interest in genealogical and historical matters, including the tracing of family backgrounds, the support of the genealogical departments of libraries, the gathering and sharing of genealogical and historical information, the publication and distribution of genealogical and historical news, and the presentation of programs of interest to members and to the community, including workshops and seminars related to searching for and tracing family backgrounds.

B: To foster and broaden the interest of its members and the community in genealogical and historical matters.

C: To actively assist in determining and preserving genealogical and historical items and information.

D: To search for and locate genealogical and historical original source records and materials.

E: To promote interest and provide instruction to all members in pursuing scientific genealogical and historical research on family lines, and to encourage each member to share documented genealogical data and knowledge with all other members.

F: To collect, preserve, house, and disseminate information concerning genealogical data and source records.

G: To champion and sustain ethical genealogical standards and to oppose incompetent and disreputable practices and practitioners in the genealogical field.

For more information about how CFGS is organized and run please see our Current Bylaws