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Why YOU Should Join a Facebook Genealogy Group

There are myriad websites, historical societies, and other resources for the would-be genealogist to get help when starting out, or for experienced researchers to continue learning new things from their peers. One of the easiest options that may not occur to you is to...

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Online Genealogy Dictionaries & Other References

By Dick Eastman · December 30, 2016 The Web is fast replacing reference books. References to almost any information can be found online quickly. In fact, it is often faster to look up information online than to look in a book already on your bookshelf. Of course, an...

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10 Free Resources for African American Research

Anyone who has researched their African American ancestors knows what a challenge it can be, but as interest in family history research continues to grow more and more free resources are available to help you on your quest. Read about these 10 free resources from...

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How to Use

Below are some commonly asked questions about using You can find the answers on While some of these only apply to the LDS Ordinances most will be very helpful using the Family Search Family Tree. How Do I Sign In to What Is...

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The Family History Guide is Now Available Online

The Family History Guide is a huge website aimed for beginners and advanced genealogy researchers alike. It is not a simple ebook published in PDF or some other format. Instead, it is a full interactive guide that contains some of its information on the Family History...

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Free Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcasts

If you are not familiar with podcasts, they are similar to a radio show where the host discusses a topic and sometimes has a guest or two. Podcasts are generally in the MP3 audio file format that can be played on a number of devices includes computers, tablets and...

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