Below are some commonly asked questions about using You can find the answers on While some of these only apply to the LDS Ordinances most will be very helpful using the Family Search Family Tree.

How Do I Sign In to

What Is Family Tree?

What Are the Different Ways to View Family Tree?

What Does None, Some, and Many Mean?

Why Am I Not Connected to Anyone in the Tree?

How Do I Add a Person to Family Tree?

How Can I See the Life Details about an Ancestor?

How Do I Add or Edit Information?

How Do I View Possible Duplicates and Merge Records?

How Do I Know If My Ancestor Needs Temple Ordinances Performed?

Who Can I Do Ordinance Work For?

What Additional Information Do I Need About an Ancestor If the Ordinance Page Says “Needs More Information”?

How Do I Print a Family Ordinance Card?

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