There are myriad websites, historical societies, and other resources for the would-be genealogist to get help when starting out, or for experienced researchers to continue learning new things from their peers. One of the easiest options that may not occur to you is to join a Facebook genealogy group. Because any user can create a group, there are options for almost every subset of genealogy (geographical, linguistic, ethnic, etc.) you could think of.

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I’ve often heard people say that they don’t want to see political posts, etc. and that’s why they don’t want to join Facebook. You can join Facebook and ONLY join genealogy groups. It’s not necessary to “friend” anyone and you can even stop groups from being shown on your home page feed. To do that you just left click on the three dots next to the group name, and then select “See 2 more” and select Unfollow….(group name) and then you won’t see any posts from a particular group; however, you will receive alerts that you can view by clicking on the tiny “bell” at the top right of your home page.