If you are using the discontinued genealogy software programs Family Tree Maker or The Master Genealogist and want to change, or if you are just beginning to research your family tree you will want to watch this new webinar from American Ancestors by NEHGS.

At first it seems easy enough to remember who you are researching and what you have accomplished. However, quickly you discover that you have a number of individuals and are beginning to compile a list of research tasks that you need to accomplish. Before you get too many names and records, you will want to consider acquiring a genealogy software package.

The alphabetically-arranged chart below gives a highlight of features to consider and costs of different programs. You may want to start with one of the free programs for your system (or see if the program you are interested in has a “trial” version) before committing money to a specific program. When you are just beginning you may not yet know how you feel about the different entry screen interfaces or if you want to have multiple source citations or be able to create a Web page. Using one of the free, or trial, versions of software allows you to learn what you like and don’t like about the software you think you may be interested in purchasing. Click on this link to watch the webinar,download their software chart and find a link to the Cyndi’s List for genealogy software.

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