ftdna-logoFamily Tree DNA now accepts AncestryDNA and 23&Me transfers. Previously some DNA tests were not compatible with Family Tree DNA’s system but that has not been fixed. The cost to upload and see the top 20 ALL matches is completely free and only take seconds to do. You will have to have a free account. There is an optional $19 charge to utilize all the tools including the chromosome browser and ethnicity estimates. Previously the charge was $39.

UPDATE: Exciting new points are that ALL of your matches are free for transfer kits, not just the first 20 matches. In addition, the matrix feature is free too, so you can see if your matches also match each other.

Of course, if you have not already downloaded your Ancestry or 23&Me results you will need to do that first. Then go to https://www.familytreedna.com/autosomal-transfer, sign in or register.


On the next page you simply drag and drop your DNA file (in zip format) onto the page. In a few seconds you will see a button to push that takes you to your DNA page on FamilyTreeDNA.


On the next page you will see options to use the various tool include matches. It may take up to 24 hours (or more since I would guess everyone is uploading right now) to see your matches and use the other tools. If you have previously taken Y-DNA or mt_DNA with Family Tree DNA these results will also show up on this page.