By Dick Eastman · February 21, 2017

You may have asked, “Which is the best online genealogy service for me to use?” Or perhaps you want to know the best two or three services. Sunny Morton gave a presentation about these four online powerhouses at the recent RootsTech2017 conference that may answer your questions.

The one-hour four-minute presentation was videotaped and is now available as a video on the web site. I suspect this video will answer most of your questions. Topics covered include cost, record types, geographic coverage, genetic testing, DNA matching, search flexibility, languages supported, mobile-friendly, automated matching, and a lot more. Sunny provides the most information about these four sites that I have ever seen in any other one document or video.

Comparing Ancestry, Findmypast, Familysearch and- Myheritage

As Sunny states, “No site has it all.”

This is a keeper! I have been using all four of these web sites for years and yet I learned several new facts about them, thanks to Sunny’s online video presentation. I suspect you will learn some things as well if you watch the video.

Watch the The Big 4: Comparing Ancestry, Findmypast, FamilySearch and MyHeritage with Sunny Morton or click on the image above.

Also, look at the size of that audience

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