Boggy Creek Road Cemetery

Other Names: Lock Family Cemetery, East Lake Cemetery, Mt. Carmel Cemetery
Property Address:
Directions: Take Orange Avenue South to Taft, through Taft to 4th St. (4 way stop). Turn left. Go one mile to fork in road, veer right on Boggy Creek Rd. Go three miles. Cemetery is on right.
 Latitude: , Longitude: –
Number of Named Graves (in survey): 43
Number of Unnamed Graves (in survey):
Oldest Date of Death on a Tombstone: 1889
Original Information: (Lock Mailyt Cemetery. Alderman-Clay-Lawrence on Boggy Creek Rd. SE of Orlando. Boggy Creek Cemetery filed Aug. 5, 1946, part of lot 7 Verhovey Sub. 0-16. Cemetery — 1Sec. 7 T24 R30 8868 00072 — Verhovey Colony 0/16, Tax Ex.)

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