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LocationFirst NameLast Name Birth DateDeath DateMemo
Apopka-Edgewood-GreenwoodNortonWilliam DNov 30, 1915Nov 30, 1976Tec 5 US Army
Oakland BlackMichaelWilliam D<none><none><none>
Chapel-HillLongWilliam DJul 25, 1956Jul 18, 1969<none>
Zellwood-Tangerine-EvergreenLoveladyWilliam DNov 30, 1914Nov 30, 1977Sgt US Army WW II
PalmNydeggerWilliam D.Nov 30, 1905Nov 30, 1973<none>
PalmThorntonWilliam D.Nov 30, 1890Nov 30, 1980<none>
Winter Garden WhiteLaneWilliam D.Nov 30, 1924Nov 30, 1975U.S. Navy
OcoeeO'SteenWilliam David<none>Dec 29, 1962Age 68 yrs. 10 mos. 11 days.
MizellMizellWilliam David<none><none><none>
PalmBledsoeWilliam DavidsonFeb 7, 1942Apr 2, 1954<none>
Oakland WhiteWebbWilliam ENov 30, 1855Nov 30, 1919<none>
Zellwood-Tangerine-EvergreenMillerWilliam ENov 30, 1905Nov 30, 1963<none>
Zellwood-Tangerine-EvergreenPetersWilliam ENov 30, 1916Nov 30, 1961<none>
Chapel-HillAndersWilliam ENov 30, 1924Nov 30, 1975Bud
Chapel-HillBarnettWilliam EJan 6, 1931Mar 31, 1973Fla SSgt US Air Force Ret Korea Vietnam
Chapel-HillChisholmWilliam ENov 30, 1902<none><none>
Chapel-HillCraigheadWilliam ENov 30, 1889Nov 30, 1979<none>
Chapel-HillDempseyWilliam ENov 30, 1907<none><none>
Chapel-HillMorrisonWilliam ENov 12, 1913Jan 11, 1980US Army WW II
Chapel-HillRattWilliam ENov 30, 1900Nov 30, 1974<none>
Chapel-HillRoumWilliam ENov 30, 1903Nov 30, 1971<none>
Chapel-HillSchaefferWilliam ENov 30, 1922Nov 30, 1976<none>
Chapel-HillSuttonWilliam ENov 30, 1922<none><none>
Chapel-HillWhetzelWilliam EApr 14, 1927Apr 28, 1983<none>
Apopka-Edgewood-GreenwoodWattersWilliam EOct 26, 1949Oct 28, 1949<none>
Apopka-Edgewood-GreenwoodWhiteWilliam ENov 19, 1883Feb 15, 1955<none>
Beulah BaptistMasonWilliam ENov 30, 1865Nov 30, 1954<none>
Beulah BaptistWalkerWilliam EOct 10, 1843Oct 14, 1922<none>
Beulah BaptistWalkerWilliam E JrNov 30, 1878Nov 30, 1960<none>
Chapel-HillSimmonsWilliam E SrNov 30, 1924Nov 30, 1982<none>
PineywoodCaldwellWilliam E SrJul 24, 1915Aug 3, 1964Georgia TEC 4 Co A 2807 Eng WW II
Partin-Small-MaitlandSmithWilliam E(lisha)Nov 19, 1861Jul 12, 1943added from a survey on 9 Nov 2000
OcoeeFordWilliam E.Apr 20, 1908Jul 15, 1970<none>
OcoeeThomasonWilliam E.Nov 30, 1882Nov 30, 1958<none>
Winter Garden WhiteBerryWilliam E.Nov 30, 1914Nov 30, 1946<none>
Winter Garden WhiteFreemanWilliam E.<none>Mar 31, 1941age 64 years
Winter Garden WhiteNortheyWilliam E.Mar 2, 1908Jul 4, 1971<none>
PalmBaggettWilliam E.Jul 11, 1872Feb 1, 1957<none>
PalmGilesWilliam E.Nov 30, 1858Nov 30, 1943<none>
ConwayWilliamsonWilliam E.Sep 20, 1868Sep 24, 1950<none>
PalmMillerWilliam E.<none><none>Interment August 1944
PalmMyersWilliam E.Nov 30, 1876Nov 30, 1960<none>
PalmNydeggerWilliam E.Dec 24, 1888May 21, 1966<none>
PalmStoneWilliam E.<none><none>Interment September 1979
Zellwood-TangerineWilliamsonWilliam E.<none>Nov 18, 1918age 49
Ft-ChristmasWaltersWilliam E. 'Bill'Mar 27, 1912Apr 17, 1982<none>
Dr-PhillipsOwensWilliam E. Sr.Sep 18, 1883May 11, 1973<none>
PalmDeCourcyWilliam EarlNov 30, 1893Nov 30, 1981<none>
PalmWinderweedleWilliam ElbertNov 30, 1905Nov 30, 1978<none>
Chapel-HillScottWilliam ErnestNov 30, 1887Nov 30, 1971<none>

Contents of this Table

These records were transcribed from a 1983 unpublished manuscript that was created by CFGS volunteers visiting cemeteries and writing down the tombstone inscriptions. The manuscript has recently been retyped into Excel and then uploaded into this database. Where a tombstones had lengthy inscription that exceeded the available column space, it was edited to fit. Where a letter(s) in names could not be read they are shown with a “?” (Question marks) for a single letter or ___ for groups of letters. Where a guess could be made, that was noted in the “Additional” column.

Dates are shown in YYYY-MM-DD format with leading zeroes. Dates or partially missing dates are noted by zeroes (00). If no date was available for either birth or death, it is shown as “0000-00-00” and where only a year was inscribed it is shown as 1925-00-00. A date where a single digit was unreadable is shown as 195?-02-23.

Where material was added that was not contained in the original manuscript that material is enclosed in brackets [  ]. There were also a few cases where additional names were added for older closed cemeteries where it seemed appropriate and that cemetery was no longer available for new burials. In those cases the source of the information was noted.

Although we have tried to implement quality control checks, there may be errors.

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