Orange Co. Florida Marriages 1869-1909 Volume 1


The records in our marriage books were extracted from the original marriage book ledgers at the Orange County Courthouse, Orlando, Florida.

The contents of Volume 1 of our Orange County Florida Marriages 1869-1909 publication is now available in the table below in a searchable format (using the search box below). This Volume contains over 5,000 marriage records from 1869 to 1909. To find out more about the full publication, or to purchase a print copy of these volumes please visit our Publications Page.

It should be mentioned here that the boundaries of Orange County changed during the period covered by this publication and that some of the areas mentioned in these records may no longer be in Orange. Orange County originally covered areas that are now in Brevard, Lake, Osceola and Seminole Counties. In 1887 Osceola County was formed from the southern part of Orange and parts of Brevard. Lake County was formed about the same time. In 1913 Seminole County was formed out of the northern part of Orange. For more information see the Orange County FlGenWeb and the History of Orange County Florida published in 1927.

Contents of the Marriage Table

In this online volume we provide the groom, bride, residence of each (if it was available), along with the marriage date and the Orange Co. Record Book and page number. As far as can be determined, all towns listed are in Florida unless stated otherwise. Spellings of town names varied greatly throughout the volumes. We have aimed for consistency, but in cases of doubt, names and towns were spelled as closely as possible to the original and noted with a “?”. Where the Book and Page number is marked with an “*” the license was issued but never returned to the County.

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GroomGroom HomeBrideBride HomeBook PageWedding DateMemo
Abraham, JamesOrange CoPowell, MarthaOrange Co1/2/1997May 31, 1882<none>
Bass, John T.Orange CoPowell, LydiaOrange Co1-1/ 290Apr 21, 1881<none>
Bronson, Charles<none>Tiner, Mary<none>1-1/ 109Sep 2, 1875<none>
Causton, HarryFt MeadeArnold, Katharine LucyOrange Co1-3/ 369Aug 27, 1887<none>
Culbreth, JosephOrange CoWhite, EllaOrange Co1-3/ 368Apr 23, 1887<none>
Edwards, RobertOrange CoJohnson, Helen (Mrs)Orange Co1-4/ 209Apr 1, 1891<none>
Gerry, CorneliusOrange CoJodge, JaneOrange Co1-4/ 203Feb 16, 1891<none>
Hansel, James H.<none>Sullivant, Betty<none>1-1/ 276Dec 24, 1880<none>
Hodges, C. J.<none>Tyler, Dicey J.<none>1-4/ 264Mar 13, 1892<none>
Jenkins, FirmanPaolaJenkins, FrancesPaola2/ 235Aug 26, 1904<none>
Kitchen, SamSanfordColeman, OlaSanford2/ 520Jan 24, 1909<none>
Makinson, Lewis CarrollOrange CoMitchell, Emma PorterOrange Co1/4/2004Jun 29, 1887<none>
Baskin, D. J.Orange CoBevins, GeorgiaOrange Co1-2/90May 10, 1882<none>
Brockington, MisePaolaMatson, IdaPaola3/21May 10, 1909<none>
Casta, Charles<none>Rowe, Nellie<none>1-1/192Jan 26, 1879<none>
Crow, Augusta Valentine<none>Dupree, W.<none>1-1/111Dec 22, 1872<none>
Edwards, Charlie M.LockhartWard, Annie ByrdLeesburg2/489Sep 12, 1908<none>
Gent, WillieWinter ParkAcree, SallieOrlando2/498Oct 18, 1908<none>
Hand, Walter S.<none>Allen, Mamie<none>1-4/268Apr 3, 1892<none>
Hinson, Joseph H.<none>Pike, Jane<none>1-1/163Feb 24, 1878<none>
Jefferson, Henry W.SanfordPendleton, ElizabethSanford2/226Jul 2, 1904<none>
Kirkin, N. V.GenevaMcGates, NancyGeneva2/413Aug 1, 1907<none>
Madison, Thomas<none>Zimmerman, Virginia<none>1-4/271May 6, 1892<none>
Miller, Francis L.SanfordDoyle, Maude JuliaSanford1-4/580Jul 7, 1899<none>
O'Berry, N.OrlandoNorman, GertrudeOrlando2/213May 8, 1904<none>
Prince, Oliver W.<none>Hicks, Agnes<none>1-1/157Dec 20, 1876<none>
Rodes, William SethMelbournePowers, Anna OliveOrlando3/44Oct 27, 1909<none>
Simmons, MikeSanfordMonroe, FannieSanford2/544Apr 21, 1909<none>
Story, JohnOrange CoFuhawk, Nancy J.Orange Co1-4/111Apr 14, 1889<none>
Trowell, C. W.<none>Stone, Eliza<none>1-1/161Jan 2, 1878<none>
Wheeler, James H.Ft ChristmasHodges, Nora IdaFt Christmas1-4/534May 25, 1898<none>
Woodruff, SethSanfordStarkey, Elizabeth A. (Mrs)Sanford1-4/491Dec 3, 1896<none>
Abrams, JohnSanfordJammes, RoseSanfordMar-63Dec 26, 1909<none>
Bass, L. H.Orange CoHartley, Julia V.Orange Co1-2/ 232Jul 26, 1883<none>
Bronson, E. L.Orange CoSylvester, M. A.Orange Co1-3/ 169Dec 12, 1884<none>
Cemarty, ScottSmithvilleJones, Eva (Mrs)Smithville2/ 320Jan 8, 1906<none>
Culley, Percy EdwardsChuluotaBarber, MayConway2/ 510Dec 19, 1908<none>
Edwards, Scripio<none>Glover, Ellen<none>1/1/1973Nov 2, 1873<none>
Getch, C. C.Orange CoSmith, Mary E.Orange Co1-2/ 149Dec 20, 1882<none>
Hansel, William M.Orange CoLocke, Sarah MargaretOrange Co1/2/1971Mar 4, 1882<none>
Hodges, J. F.SanfordHotz, LouisePiedmont -- Sanford on licenseMar-33Aug 24, 1909<none>
Jenkins, Herbert T.Orange CoShelby, FannieOrange Co1/3/1958Jul 15, 1885<none>
Knight, A. J.Orange CoKeen, Virginia T.Orange Co1-2/ 198May 13, 1883<none>
Maldin, MajorMarkhamThomas, MaryMarkhamMar-55Nov 28, 1909<none>
Baskin, HoraceApopkaMead, AgnesApopka2/466May 26, 1908<none>
Brockinton, Starling P.OcalaDrawdy, LulaOviedo2/190Dec 11, 1903<none>
Castle, BenjamanOrlandoGwynn, SusieOrlando2/490Sep 26, 1908<none>
Crow, John R.AltamonteTrowell, Mollie A.Umatilla1-2/50Dec 22, 1881<none>
Edwards, Eddie ReeseOrlandoMcKnight, Lee AnnieOrlando1-4/430Apr 11, 1895<none>
Gentry, John W.OcoeeMcLeod, Mary KateOakland2/182Sep 17, 1903<none>
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Microfilms Are Available

You can search the film Florida Marriages, 1830-1993 containing these records at

Additional information may be found on the microfilms that are on permanent loan at the Family History Center on Par Avenue in Orlando. They also may be ordered through any Family History Center at a nominal cost.

Additionally, almost all Orange County marriage books were filmed by the LDS Family History Library in 1972 and can be ordered through any Family History Center. The film numbers are given below:

  • Marriage Book 1-1 covers Aug 1869 – May 1881 #0976681
  • Marriage Book 1-2 covers Jun 1881 – Aug 1883 #0976681
  • Marriage Book 1-3 covers Sep 1883 – Apr 1898 #0976682
  • Marriage Book 1-4 covers Jul 1887 – Sep 1899 #0976682
  • Marriage Book 2 covers Sep 1899 – May 1909 #0976681
  • Marriage Book 3 covers May 1909 – Sep 1915 #0975393

Courthouse Marriage Records

Marriage records from 1869 through February 1998 are held by the Records Management Office in the Orange County Court House and may be ordered at a price from that office. Check with Orange County to determine what their current prices are. When ordering include the name of bride and groom, the marriage date and the book and page where the marriage was recorded as part of your request for records. The office will also search for marriage records for a cost.

Records may be ordered from
Records Management Office
Room 150, Orange County Courthouse
425 N. Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801
(407) 836-6321