Fake Urgent Firefox Update Warning

There is a fake Firefox update going around that suddenly changes your Firefox browser window to display a warning that there is an "Urgent Firefox Update" and provides a popup for you to install this update. DON'T CLICK ON THIS, CLICK ON CANCEL INSTEAD and then the back arrow of the browser.


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Family Tree DNA Now Accepts All Autosomal Transfers and 23andMe V3 and V4

ftdna-logoFamily Tree DNA now accepts AncestryDNA and 23&Me transfers. Previously some DNA tests were not compatible with Family Tree DNA's system but that has not been fixed. The cost to upload and see the top 20 ALL matches is completely free and only take seconds to do. You will have to have a free account. There is an optional $19 charge to utilize all the tools including the chromosome browser and ethnicity estimates. Previously the charge was $39.

UPDATE: Exciting new points are that ALL of your matches are free for transfer kits, not just the first 20 matches. In addition, the matrix feature is free too, so you can see if your matches also match each other.

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The Genealogy Library Inside Your Computer: How to Increase Your Personal Genealogy Library without Additional Bookshelves

From Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter, by Dick Eastman · February 2, 2017

old books and new ebooksThousands of genealogy books are available to you right now. You can search for them and, if you find some that look interesting, you can be reading them within minutes. There is no waiting for the post office to deliver them. Best of all is the price: most of them are available free of charge!

NOTE: a few of the ebooks are only available on CD-ROM which obviously does involve a postal delay and normally costs some money..

As you may have guessed, these are out-of-copyright books printed prior to 1923 plus a handful of later books. Luckily, there were a lot of genealogy books published in those days. After all, the records weren't as old back then!

In addition, I will list sources for many newer genealogy books that are for sale at modest prices.

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Immigration Through Ellis Island - Award Winning Video Documentary on Its 125th Anniversary

Ellis Island was the port of entry for millions of European immigrants. Fascinating archival footage and audio tell the moving story of families with dreams of opportunity, leaving their homes with what they could carry.

Between 1892 and the early 1950s, nearly 15 million people streamed through Ellis Island in search of a new life. Here are the stories of those extraordinary immigrants, largely in their own poignant words. Coming primarily from Southern and Eastern Europe, and from widely diverse backgrounds, the émigrés represented in this remarkable volume recount their adventures with dignity, wit, and unflagging honesty.

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DNA Basics for a Sound Foundation by The Legal Genealogist, Judy Russell

judy-russellJudy Russell in her blog, The Legal Genealogist, publishes an article every Sunday relating to DNA for genealogists. This past Sunday she posted an aritcle on DNA Basics for a Sound Foundation. IN this article she outlines a number of basics that you need for a good genetic genealogy foundation. She starts out by saying:

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Creepy Family Tree of Fear or Useful Genealogy Website?

There is a new "genealogy" website that is causing a great deal of controversy,  While this free website claims to "have one of the largest collections of genealogy records anywhere" it is not your ordinary genealogy website. What FamilyTreeNow has done is to gather from public records and other legally available sources data on your and your family and make it available to anyone who want to find it. This information may include age, birth month, addresses (both past and present), family members, "associates", and phone number and makes this information on you available to anyone for free. This means that your personal information is out there for anyone to look up including people who want to steal your identity, stalkers, ex-partners, and others. The website appears to be supported by ads but there were not very many seen.

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Read Our Genealogy Tips, Hints and 101 Topics for Beginners

Our website has a collection of tips, hints and how to do all things genealogy along with a number of topics designed to help beginners get started in their study of genealogy. Below is a list of articles in both categories. We encourage you to check out these resources to aid you in your research. Note that this may not be a comprehensive list as other information may be found under these headings.

We also encourage you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. any additional tip and hints that we may have missed.

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Genealogy Classes Offered at Seminole County Libraries

The Seminole County Library is offering 4-part genealogy classing at two of their branches. Both classes are free, but space is limited so please remember to sign up.

East Branch (Oviedo) library will have their first of a series of 4 free Genealogy 101 classes on Thursday, January 26th, from 2-4 pm. Classes will continue on 4th Thursdays through April. Interested attendees should call (407) 665-1590 to register, as space is limited.

Northwest (Lake Mary) library will have their first of 4 free Genealogy 101 classes on Tuesday, February 21st, from 2-4 pm. Classes will continue on 3rd Tuesdays through April. Interested attendees should call (407) 665-1590 to register, as space is limited.

Also, their Genealogy Club meets 2 to 4 pm the 2nd Monday of each month. FREE. No registration required. This is a sharing of tips and tricks for researching your family history. It is held at the Central Branch Library Seminole County Library, 215 N. Oxford Road, Casselberry, FL 32707 Location Map 407.665.1500 The next meeting is Monday, Jan. 9th.